Remote Control German Bismarck Military Battleship

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Remote Control German Bismarck Military BattleshipThis remote control Bismarck military battleship is a replica of one of the largest German warships ever built. It was completed just at the start of World War II. Although it did not participate for very long, the history of its design and its demise still make it an important piece of military history.

The Bismarck was sunk after a skirmish with British ships resulted in two damaging torpedo hits and most of the 2200 men on board did not survive.

Best Large RC Bismarck Battleship

Remote Control German Bismarck Military Battleship price
Remote Control German Bismarck Military Battleship

There are different color options for where you see red trim and you can’t pick which you get but it is a detailed remote control ship with a stand. You can use this outside in water and it moves fairly quickly.

It’s also a great display piece. This is probably a better choice for someone who is into military history and not looking for a toy they’ll be using regularly. This one has a lot of detail but it’s not as rugged as some of the ones that are made for kids.

It moves in four directions with a hand held remote.


  • Full featured remote control (forward, left and right turning)
  • Dual Propellers
  • Good speed (5-10 MPH)
  • Detailed exterior
  • Operation range 100-120 feet
  • 28″ Warship R/C Cruiser HT-3827

German Bismarck Military Battleship in Action


Summary of Online Reviews:

  • PRO Historic Model with detailed vintage exterior design
  • Relative speed 10 MPH
  • PRO Good maneuverability
  • Short battery life (recommend purchase an extra battery
  • Collector quality Scale: 1/360

PRO: Motor shuts off unless in the water

CON: Take great care to remove any water from inside and out before end of the same day to prevent rust

Historic significance and enthusiast’s preferred model. Easy to control and maneuver and the safety feature (keeps the motor off when not in the water) is a plus