5 Narrow Toilets That Get the Job Done

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Kohler Persuade Curv Narrow ToiletShopping for a narrow toilet is simply one of the most frustrating tasks. All you want is something that will fit in your small or awkwardly laid out bathroom without having to do a major renovation but online retailers don’t let you shop by width so you’re left checking the specs for every possible option. Local stores can be just as much of a challenge because they may not carry many in stock.

This list should make your life a bit easier. These 5 toilets are the narrowest options available today that also have consistently strong ratings from consumers across multiple sites.

For each toilet you’ll find basic specs, links to the detailed specs, and a link to the best price found online. All five have a width between 14 3/16 inches and 15 1/4 inches and are listed by width from low to high.

Top 5: Kohler Persuade / American Standard H2Option / Sterling Windham / American Standard Cadet 3 / Toto Aquia

Kohler Persuade Curv Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

Kohler Persuade Curv Narrow Toilet

  • Model #K-3723-0
  • Dimensions: 14 3/16″ Wide x 28 5/8″ Long x 32 1/2″ Tall
  • Elongated bowl with 16 1/2″ chair level height
  • 2 piece toilet with separate bowl and tank
  • Color options: White, Biscuit, Almond, Dune, Ice Grey, Black
  • Dual flush: 1.6gpf full and 1.0gpf partial
  • Standard 12″ rough in
  • Seat not included
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria


The one thing people loved most about this toilet besides its solid performance was the sleek base which means no more getting down on the floor to wipe stuff off around the bolt caps. Yay! The trade off is that it costs a little more than some of the other options but I have all boys (and 4 bathrooms) and I’d do just about anything to get out of having to clean toilet bases.

If you’re remodeling a small bathroom and limited on space this thin toilet will make your bathroom look and feel larger than before.

It’s comfortable, has good water pressure and the dual flush feature will help save money. Installation isn’t as easy as some of the other designs and it doesn’t use a flapper style flush valve but the newer tower style. That might cost an extra $20 to replace vs the old style.

Best Price & Specs

This is the thinnest toilet on the list but also the most expensive. Home Depot sells it online for the same price as Amazon but white is the cheapest model and the price goes up from there.

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You can read the manufacturer’s spec sheet here: Kohler Persuade Curv Dual Flush Toilet Specs

American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Narrow Width Toilet

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

  • Model #2889.216.020
  • Dimensions: 15″ Wide x 27 3/4″ Long x 31″ Tall
  • Round, 16 1/2″ comfort height seat
  • Two piece (separate tank and bowl)
  • Color: White, Linen, Bone
  • Dual Flush, High Efficiency – 1.6gpf on full flush and 1.0gpf on partial
  • 12″ rough in distance
  • Seat sold separately
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria


The comments from those who have purchased this toilet are overwhelmingly positive and the fact that the same sorts of statements show up over and over is a good sign. This toilet is easy to install and consumers found the dual flush option a neat feature. Over time, that’s also a money-saver since each time you use the partial flush button you’re saving roughly .6 gallons of water.

It’s quiet and the bowl is clean after use the majority of the time thanks to American Standard’s PowerWash rim cleaning system.

This brand came up regularly in our search for compact toilets where both width and length were taken into consideration. They’re well know and provide excellent support.

Best Price & Specs

The price on the H2Option toilet is very reasonable and presents an excellent buy. You will have to purchase the seat separately but there are several to choose from including a slow close option.

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You can read the manufacturer’s spec sheet here: American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet Specs

Sterling Windham White WaterSense Elongated 2-Piece Comfort Height Narrow Toilet

Sterling Windham Luxury Height Toilet

  • Model #404705-0
  • Dimensions: 15″ Wide x 29 1/4″ Long x 31″ Tall
  • Elongated bowl with 15 3/4″ seat height
  • 2 piece toilet
  • Color: White
  • Single flush with 1.28gpf
  • 12″ Rough in
  • Seat included
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria


The gallons per flush meet the federal maximum 1.6gpf and also the more strict 1.28gpf limit in California. Some consumers noted that it didn’t always get all the toilet paper down in one go but considering the price of this unit they were willing to be a little forgiving.

If you live in California, this may be your best bet because it’s the only toilet on the list that meets that state’s flow restrictions. Those outside of California may get frustrated having to double flush periodically.

It has a narrow footprint from top to bottom and it’s fairly comfortable.

Best Price & Specs

This is the cheapest model on the list and a Lowe’s exclusive. It also includes the seat as well as the tank and bowl. If the brand name doesn’t sound familiar to you, don’t worry – they’re a division of Kohler. Home owners found the quality of material and parts to be similar to more expensive Kohler models.

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You can read the manufacturer’s spec sheet here: Sterling Windham Single Flush Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height 2-piece Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Dual Flush Right Height Toilet

  • Model #3380.216ST.020
  • Dimensions: 15″ Wide x 29 3/4″ Long x 31″ Tall
  • Elongated bowl with 16 1/2″ Right Height seat position
  • 2 piece construction
  • Color: White
  • Dual Flush – 1.6gpf/1.0gpf
  • 12″ Rough in distance
  • Includes plastic seat
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria


Online reviewers all had great things to say about this toilet’s flushing power and, in some cases, found they didn’t even need to use the full flush button at all – the partial was sufficient and the bowl did not require any extra cleaning.

Installation is easy although there are some reported issues with wobbly tanks. If that’s the case you’ll want to contact American Standard for a replacement tank gasket.

The included seat isn’t very comfortable so you might plan on upgrading the seat if this is going in a busy bathroom.

Best Price & Specs

There are a number of Cadet 3 models but only this style has a narrow 15″ width so make sure you match model numbers when comparison shopping.

As of the time of this writing it’s only available at Home Depot but very reasonably priced.

Click here for the best price on Home Depot

You can read the manufacturer’s spec sheet here: American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet

Toto Aquia II 2-Piece Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

Toto Toilet Aquia 2 Piece Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in Cotton

  • Model #CST416M01
  • Dimensions: 15 1/4″ Wide x 27 1/2″ Long x 30 1/4″ Tall
  • Elongated bowl that’s 15.375″ high
  • 2 piece toilet bowl and tank
  • Color: Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, Ebony
  • Dual Flush – 1.6gpf/.9gpf
  • 12″ Rough in
  • Seat not included
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria


The Toto brand has a solid reputation and this model has strong online ratings. It’s very modern looking with a sleek base and no bolt cover area to clean.

The flushing power is strong even on the low flow rate and that’s often all that’s needed. As a result, you have an opportunity to save more money on water expenses with this model because it uses the least amount of water with the partial flush than the others. As Consumer Reports noted a few months ago dual flush toilets involved in their tests did a better job than ever before at partial flush bowl cleaning. This model seems a perfect example of their findings.

Installation is a bit trickier but worth the effort. You’ll need to make sure to buy a compatible seat as it only works with those that have external bolts.

The water level in the bowl is lower than what you’re used to with regular toilets and the back of the toilet is open which increases the noise level a bit but you’ll never see the back after installation and the very European look will give your bathroom an updated look instantly.

Best Price & Specs

While Amazon does carry this model I could only find the bowl and tank listed separately and combined the two cost more than buying the two pieces together at Home Depot (whose listing does not specify this is the Aquia II but it IS – I’ve double checked the model number).

It’s not as inexpensive as a couple of the models listed above but still in the realm of possibilities for most homeowners.

Click here for the best price on Home Depot

You can read the manufacturer’s spec sheet here: Toto Aquia II Toilet

All of these narrow width toilets meet the EPA’s WaterSense requirements for water conservation which may earn you a rebate or discount voucher from your local utility company.