Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour

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Broken Arrow Pink Jeep TourI’ve got two pieces of advice for anyone scheduled to take the Broken Arrow Pink Jeep tour in Sedona, Arizona. First, don’t eat before the trip. Second, don’t forget your camera.

My in-laws gave my husband and I a gift certificate for this tour last Christmas with the offer of free babysitting so we could spend the day away. Very thoughtful on their part!

So one Friday night in May my husband dropped our son off at his dad’s and early the next morning we headed up to Sedona. It’s about a two hour drive from Phoenix and lots of desert in between but as you head into Sedona the views change from dry, brown desert, to vibrant red rock against immaculate blue skies and the whole world seems different.

The picture above was taken with my older Sony Cyber-Shot. The sky was really that color. There were no clouds in the sky and while it was hot out, we were very comfortable for most of the tour. The breeze blowing through the moving jeep kept us cool.

The tour took about three to four hours and there were two stops along the way so we could get out, walk around, and take photos. The tour driver was funny, very nice, and offered to take pictures of folks who wanted a family shot.

Pink Jeep and Driver

As soon as the jeep started bouncing and rocking along the trail, I started laughing and couldn’t stop. It’s like being on a roller coaster and you’re simply incapable of keeping yourself from moving with the motion. The jeep goes up steep grades, around tight corners, and even CLIMBS a set of rock stairs. The driver stopped in the middle and we just hung there seemingly defying gravity.

You do get thrown about a bit which is why I suggest not eating ahead of time. Save your appetite for a great meal afterwards at any of the wonderful restaurants within walking distance of the jeep tour office.

There are also places where you can rent jeeps to drive on the trail yourself and we saw plenty of those along with private jeep owners taking the family out for the day.

Private Jeeps in Sedona

There were four other people in the jeep with us. My husband and I could choose to sit either in the back seats or one of the two seats that sit sideways in the jeep. We chose the side but by the time we hit the first stop my neck was aching from trying to look forward or behind me for the first stretch. I’m not sure if the views were better in the back seat or not but my neck probably would have been better off.

Sedona Broken Arrow View

Sunscreen and water are a must and you can bring those into the jeep with you. There are a number of little shops right nearby the Pink Jeep office where you can get those things before your tour.

Red Rock Formation in Sedona

I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Pink Jeep offers a number of different tours but if you’re looking for the one that has the best 4×4 experience, the Broken Arrow is it – and the views are spectacular.